Anish Patel

Personal Trainer

Specialist skills:

  • Bsc Sport & Exercise Therapy
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Weight Loss Specialist (CPD)


  • Strength & Conditioning Coach - 2 years
  • 2 years working at HSV
  • Sports Therapist
  • Summer Camp lead coach
  • Lead shape up fitness coach working for Watford F.C

Coming straight out of university I am passionate and eager to aid people towards their fitness goals whether that is increasing strength and muscle, losing fat/weight or general fitness work. I love to build a good rapport within my clients and learn to listen. Personally I feel fitness and gym work is a great stress release and has multiple mental health benefits. Every session will be filled with my work philosophies of play hard, work hard. Enjoying the session whilst performing a great workout leaving you feeling on top of the world! If you’re ready to show hard work and determination, let me help you achieve your goals!

Contact details: