Performance Herts April 19 Newsletter

Performance Herts April 19 Newsletter

Friday 26 April, 2019

Athlete Success

BUCS National Finalists!

For the first time in the university’s history, UH have 2 performance teams in BUCS National Cup Final. Both Netball and American Football (Hertfordshire Hurricanes) have beaten their respective opponents up to this point, where they now both play in their Finals at the start of this month. Netball play University of Birmingham at Big BUCS Wednesday in Nottingham, and the Hurricanes play Leeds Beckett Carnegie in Loughborough. Both teams have worked incredibly hard in and out of the gym, and we can see no reason why they shouldn't both become National Champions. Best of luck to both teams, keep working hard, and keep winning!

We would also like to mention our Women’s Football 1st Team and Futsal Team, who also both reached respective semi finals. Congratulations to all involved!


Coaches Corner

Fiona Scott - Head of Physical Performance & Academic Liaison

How long have you been working at Performance Herts? Since Sep 2009 What do you do in your spare time? When not rehabbing from a rather unfortunate year in 2018/19 which involved having 3 back operations – playing lacrosse (quite well) and squash (not so well!), playing and watching most sports (especially Arsenal & Saracens) travelling, music, films, spending time with friends and family.

Best part of being an S&C Coach? Thoroughly enjoying what I do. To be able to call this “work”, I find myself very lucky, as I spend my days immersed in sport and training, alongside athletes and coaches with the simple goal to improve their performance through a variety of somewhat more complex methods.

Greatest Achievement: Playing lacrosse for Ireland

Favourite moment in sport: Jonny Wilkinson’s World Cup Winning Drop Goal


Exercise of the month

Hip Thrust

  • Sit on the floor with your back against a box, the corner of it should sit just below your shoulder blades.
  • Sit with the barbell in the crease of your hips, and heels close in to you.
  • By driving through your heels, push your hips and the bar up to the ceiling , finishing in a table-top position.
  • Squeeze your glutes at the top, then lower back to the start position.

Purpose: The human body is incredibly strong in this exercise, however our glutes are often ‘switched off’ and ‘weak’ when we spend so much time sitting, either at desks or in cars, in most of our everyday activities. This exercise is the no.1 for strengthening the glutes. Research has shown that by strengthening the glutes, there is a decreased prevalence in knee injuries, specifically ACL, a common injury in netball.


PH Courses

Performance Herts run Nationally Accredited Workshops and Courses aimed at athletes / coaches / physios / sports science & therapy students / aspiring S&C coaches.

Here’s a list of the courses we run, just book through our website:

Sat 13th April - S&C Level 2

Mon 24th April - Plyometric Workshop

Sat 27th & Sun 28th April - British Weightlifting Coaching Course - More information here


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