Swimming lessons

Use your childcare vouchers for swimming lessons!

Wednesday 5 December, 2018

There are more ways to spend your childcare vouchers, which now includes swimming lessons.  To take advantage of this just follow these easy steps and criteria:

  • For ease, top-ups can only be processed via email and are unavailable through the home portal/ in person or over the phone.  To do this please email your request to
  • Each email should request a top up for one child only and state the child’s name and member ID (if known) in the subject line. 
  • Please ensure you have a minimum of two lesson credits left. If you have less than two credits, you will have to top up using an alternative payment method and wait until the next top up to pay by childcare vouchers.
  • You may choose to top up your lesson credits in blocks of 10 or 20.  The price for per block of 10 is £75 for Stages 1 - 7 and £105 for Club Foundation level.
  • To avoid confusion and to ensure the right activity/child is allocated to the payment, please make separate childcare voucher payments for each activity per child ALWAYS stating the unique membership ID as the payment reference. We are unable to accept a single payment for more than one child/activity. Each payment must be for the exact amount, meaning no under/overpayments can be accepted.
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