Hertfordshire Sports Village have teamed up with Herts Sports Partnership to launch a brand new 'Partake and Donate' fundraising day to raise vital funds for two charities close to our hearts this Friday 29 May.

Pancreatic Cancer UK and Herts Disability Sports Foundation are the two charities we have set up this special day with the aim of helping. Both are our chosen charity partners of the year and we want to support them as much as possible with their on-going work, especially in light of the impact they have felt from Covid-19. 

Together we have joined forces to introduce to you - Partake and Donate.
The charity day will take place on Friday 29 May 2020. Everyone across the UK is invited to take part in the day but it has especially been created for the community of Hertfordshire as this is where both Herts Sports Partnership and ourselves at Hertfordshire Sports Village are based.

All money raised from our charity fundraising day will be shared by Pancreatic Cancer UK and Herts Disability Sports Foundation. We are determined to raise as much money as possible to help Pancreatic Cancer UK's specialist nurses continue supporting patients and their families, and Herts Disability Sports to promote the development of disability sport for people in day services across Hertfordshire despite the pandemic.

What is Partake and Donate?

With your help, our aim is to raise as much money as possible by covering the distance around Hertfordshire with activities which equate to the perimeter of the county. (For example, 10 minutes of movement in a virtual group exercise class would equal 1KM, running 5K speaks for itself, or even tidying and cleaning a room for 20 minutes could equate to 2KM!) It's all about getting some movement into your day whilst raising money for some great charities!

When is it?

Partake and Donate will take place on Friday 29 May 2020.

Be part of something great!

Partaken in activity? Donate here!

How to get involved

We have a full schedule of activities running throughout the day - our timetable can be found below!

You and your family can choose to join our activities virtually via our Facebook page or Youtube Live or Zoom.

If you want to do your own thing, that's fine too!

After you have participated in an activity (whether that be physically or brain activity), we want you to snap a photo of yourself doing the activity and use our hashtag #partakeanddonate to let us know how many KM's you have completed with your chosen activity. You can share this with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even just email us at sports.reception@herts.ac.uk

Lastly, remember to jump onto our JustGiving page to pick the charity you wish to donate to HERE

Please help us by donating £1 for every 1KM you contribute to our overall distance to help us raise money for these great causes.

Distance Chart:

10 minutes of physical or mental activity = 1 KM
15 minutes of physical or mental activity = 1.5 KM
20 minutes of physical or mental activity = 2 KM
25 minutes of physical or mental activity = 2.5 KM

And so on...
Remember if you are running/walking/cycling a certain distance we can add that rather than the time it took!

Partake and Donate Press Release

Charity Posters - Pancreatic Cancer UK & Herts Disability Sports Foundation

Charity Posters - Herts Disability Sports Foundation

Pancreatic Cancer Charity Posters

Climbing Strength Exercises

Charity Scavenger Hunt


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