Varsity 2019 - Wednesday 10 April

We are proud and excited to announce that our new Varsity partner for 2019 is…

The University of Derby!

Varsity will be taking place on home soil, here at the University of Hertfordshire.

Grab your t-shirt and your bang-bang sticks and get down to Varsity!  An epic day of food, drink, social activities, music, inflatables and not to mention supporting Herts in a variety of sports against our new Varsity rivals – Derby.

Please see below for a list of competitive fixtures taking place at Varsity:

Match/Activity Venue Start Time
Men's Badminton Sports Hall 1 11:00
Women's Badminton Sports Hall 1 11:00
Women's Futsal Show Court 11:00
Men's Tennis Hard Courts (Outside) 11:00
Men's Volleyball Bishops Hatfield Girl's School 11:00
Cricket North Mymms Cricket Club 12:00
Women's Lacrosse New Gen 1 (Outside) 12:00
Men's Futsal Show Court 12:30
Men's Rugby  Pitch 4 (Outside) 12:30
Climbing* Climbing Wall 13:00
Dodgeball Cricket Hall 13:00
Men's Hockey Sand Astro (Outside) 13:00
Men's Football Pitch 1 (Outside) 13:30
Swimming* Swimming Pool 13:30
Women's Volleyball Bishops Hatfield Girl's School 13:30
American Football New Gen 2 (Outside) 14:00
Rowing (Indoors)* Studio 14:00
Men's Squash Squash Courts 14:00
Netball Show Court 14:15
Men's Lacrosse New Gen 1 (Outside) 14:30
Women's Rugby Pitch 4 (Outside) 14:30
Women's Hockey Sand Astro (Outside) 15:00
Men's Table Tennis Sports Hall 1 15:15
Women's Football Pitch 1 (Outside) 15:30
Derby Dance* Show Court 15:45 and 17:45
Women's Basketball Show Court 16:00
Men's Basketball Show Court 18:00
Varsity Presentation Show Court 20:00

* Friendly match/activity

Students and staff can also get involved in Varsity by taking part in one of our social activities for FREE:

Social Activity Venue Time
Ultimate Frisbee New Gen 2 (Outside) Drop in Between 11:00 - 12:00
Bouncy Castle Grass Area by Pitch 1 (Outside) Drop in Between 11:00 - 16:00
Battak Wall Grass Area by Pitch 2 (Outside) Drop in Between 13:00 - 16:00
Rounders Grass Pitch 2 (Outside) Drop in Between 14:00 - 15:30
Roller Skating Hard Courts (Outside) Drop in Between 16:00 - 18:00

Please be aware that both the competitive fixtures and social activities are subject to change.