Varsity 2018

Support and Witness Victory

Varsity is an annual sporting event between University of Hertfordshire and University of Bedfordshire students. Teams will be battling it out on Wednesday 28 March in 17 competitive fixtures for the title of Varsity 2018 champions.

Alongside the competitive fixtures there is a social programme of activities which students can get involved in for FREE. There is food, drink and music and it’s a great day with a fantastic atmosphere.

Make sure you come down to show your support or take part in one of the social activities.

Purchase a Varsity t-shirt for just £5.00 (cash only) from the Athletic Union Office on the de Havilland Campus to show your support for UH.


Varsity Schedule

Match Venue Time
Women's Futsal 1st Sports Hall 10am
Men's Futsal 1st Sports Hall 11am
Mixed Tennis 1st Hard Courts (Outside) 11am
Mixed Dodgeball 1st Cricket Hall 11.30am
Men's Football 2nd Grass Pitch 3 (Outside) 11:30am
Women's Rugby 1st Rugby Pitch (Outside) 12:30pm
Netball 1st Sports Hall 12:45pm
Men's Hockey 1st Sand Astro (Outside) 1pm
Volleyball* Grass Pitch 2 (Outside) 1pm
Swimming* Swimming Pool 1:30pm
Men's Football 1st Grass Pitch 1 (Outside) 1:30pm
Men's & Women's Badminton 1st Badminton Hall 1:30pm
Women's Basketball 1st Sports Hall 2:15pm
Men's Rugby 1st Rugby Pitch (Outside) 2:30pm
Netball 2nd Hard Courts (Outside) 2:30pm
Women's Hockey 1st Sand Astro (Outside) 3pm
Women's Football 1st Grass Pitch 1 (Outside) 3:30pm
Men's Basketball 1st Sports Hall 4pm
Award Ceremony Sports Hall 6:15pm



Get involved in Varsity and try something new for FREE:

Social Activity Venue Time
Badminton Badminton 11am - 1pm
Table Tennis Sports Village Entrance 11am - 5pm
Volleyball Grass Pitch 2 (Outside) 11am - 1pm
Ultimate Frisbee New Gen 2 (Outside) 11am - 1pm
Boxing Coach Education Room 12pm - 1pm
Zorb Football New Gen 1 (Outside) 12pm - 4:30pm
Lacrosse New Gen 2 (Outside) 1pm - 3pm
Kickboxing Cricket Hall 1:30pm - 3pm
Rounders Grass Pitch 2 (Outside) 3pm - 5:30pm
Fencing Cricket Hall 3:30pm - 5pm

Italicised Sessions = Active Students Event