"Implement lifestyle changes to achieve your goals"

"Implement lifestyle changes to achieve your goals"

Joseph's Top 5 Training Tips

Thursday 6 July, 2017

1. Fat loss diets are quick fixes, implement lifestyle changes to achieve your goals

There are hundreds upon thousands of diets out there but are they really the solution? Some more extreme than others, but do these so called ‘diets’ such as: meal replacement shake diets, crash diets (losing weight really fast by considerably dropping caloric intake), and Maple syrup diet, really work for people looking to shed the pounds? Truthfully, yes they do work, but a diet is only temporary. Permanent lifestyle changes last a lifetime.

Top celebs and fashion models turn to diets to hit fat loss fast for a photoshoot or a new acting role but these diets are only temporary as these extreme conditions can only be maintained for a short period of time, as they’re unhealthy to the body, time-consuming, not compatible with social life and can affect you psychologically. Instead of turning to a quick fix why not make some simple lifestyle changes which can help you achieve results that last a lifetime? Changes such as: walking to work, minimalizing alcohol consumption, regular exercise, following a structured healthy eating regime and drinking more water will help you reach those fat loss goals more effectively

2. Go social

Social media can boost your motivation and keep you on track. It’s also a great way to share progress and be inspired by others. Why not start announcing your fitness goals on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? You’ll be surprised how many people help, they’ll rally behind you, offer tips, and steer you away from missing a workout.

You can follow me on Instagram @joseph_thetrainer for tips, ideas.

3. Keep a log book to track your progress and keep you on the right path to achieving your goals.

Tracking your workouts and daily activity is a fundamental step in working towards achieving your fitness goals. By simply logging down the weights hit on your key compound lifts: Bench press, Deadlift and Squat, can help an individual looking to get stronger and pack on some muscle, stay on track whilst minimising plateaus. Or if you are working towards losing weight logging down weekly and daily weight measurements as well as cardiovascular targets and achievements in the gym can help keep you on the right path of success.

Using simple tools such as a note book or even our great ‘HSV Fit’ app, which has a customised logbook, can be just the right thing to keep you on the yellow brick road to your fitness goals. 

4. Looking to take your body to the next level?

Progressive overload is an absolute key to success when it comes to changing your body and pushing you to achieve those fitness goals you desire. This term can be described as ‘the individual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise training’. Simply this means progressively increasing the demand of your workouts. This method not only stimulates muscle hypotrophy, but also stimulates the development of stronger and denser bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

There are many different ways to incrementally increase the demand of your sessions, but the two main ways to achieve progressive overload is by increasing the ‘volume’ and ‘intensity’ of your workouts. Volume refers to the number of total reps you do in a workout. You can increase this number by two different ways. You can either increase the number of sets or reps, or you could do a combination of the two. Intensity refers to how hard you push yourself through your sessions. Are you content with the weight you’re lifting? Or are you pushing yourself and giving the best you can?

If you wonder why you’re not stacking more weight on the bar or feel your workouts could do with an extra push, try implementing these two methods into your next workout!

5. Try a ‘Group exercise’ class, they’re not as daunting as you may think!

Group exercise classes are a great, fun and proactive way to exercise, giving you the chance to be pushed by a qualified instructor and make some fitness pals on the way! Here at Hertfordshire Sports Village you could take part in activities such as ‘Group Cycle’, which challenges even experienced cyclist’s; pushing you beyond your limits. Or try ‘Yoga’ which augments core stability and flexibility in a relaxing setting; great for an end of day activity to unwind! Or even ‘Body Blitz’, designed to do exactly what it says in the name, combining resistance exercises with high intensity cardio, makes this the perfect class to drop a few pounds in preparation for this summer.

You don’t need to be an expect in these activities, come along and be taken through everything you need to know so you can achieve the most out of our great selection of classes. Members who currently take part in our classes are polite, friendly and want exactly the same as you; to feel healthy and look great! Why not even grab a buddy and try a class that most excites you.   

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