Bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian split squat

Friday 1 December, 2023

What is a Bulgarian split squat?

This is a single leg squat that targets the lower body, with more emphasis on the quads in comparison to a normal squat. It targets the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, as well as an increased use of the core in order to stabilise on one leg.

How to perform this exercise

Find a bench or high step, place your rear foot on the platform, hop around until your front foot is in a position in which you can comfortably lunge. Engage your core and bend slightly forward at the waist. Bend your front leg and sink into the split squat, and then come up by pushing through the front foot on the floor. Repeat for as many reps as you please on that leg, and then repeat on the other leg. Make sure to always start on the weaker leg to match on the stronger one!

Common Mistakes to Avoid Front leg in wrong place - If the front leg is too close to the bench your knee will trace too far over your toes and it will be hard to balance. If your foot is too far forward you will not be able to bend the leg as much and this will limit quad activation

Variations/alternatives Barbell Dumbbell - two in each hand or one Kettlebell Smith machine Yoga ball - instead of bench or high step.

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