What is Nudge?

Nudge is the name given to the workplace wellbeing projects run by Hertfordshire Sports Village and the University of Hertfordshire. Nudge projects are designed to give participants the tools to improve their lifestyle, through physical activity, behaviour change and nutrition interventions.

Insight-led interventions

The Nudge project team work with clients to understand the specific needs of the staff within their organisation and we then develop bespoke intervention programmes to give the staff the Nudges that are relevant to them to improve their health and wellbeing, shaped around their needs, goals and priorities.

Real results and proven impact

To demonstrate the impact of the Nudge interventions, we take baseline and end of project measures for all participants of each project through Health MOTs which are conducted at the start and conclusion of each programme. Questionnaires are also completed at the same time to collect qualitative data to see other impacts of the Nudge programmes delivered.

Nudge produces fantastic results and has shown to help people feel healthier, fitter and happier...

Some of our highlights from a recent project include:

  • 63% of participants reduced their blood pressure
  • 59% of participants increased active levels
  • 44% of participants reduced their cholesterol levels
  • 70% reported and improvement in eating habits
  • 63% reported an increase in energy levels
  • 50% reported feeling more inspired at work

In addition to the improvements outlined above 81% of participants said Nudge had a positive impact on their daily work. The main reasons for this were reported as:

  • Talking / chatting / engaging / bantering more with colleagues (93%)
  • It gave the workplace a ‘buzz’ (86%)
  • 64% said they became more active outside of work and this impacted on their work life
  • 64% said they enjoyed being part of a team for challenges

Find out how Nudge can benefit your business

Please contact David Connell, Director of Sport by email at d.b.connell@herts.ac.uk or 07793 533988.

Please also download a Nudge case study and sample Nudge promotional materials to find out more.

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