Strength & Conditioning Sessions - Gym Based

Sports specific gym based S&C sessions in our new high performance facility available for individuals and groups/teams. This can include sports specific and rehabilitation programmes and sessions.

Strength & Conditioning Sessions - Field / Court Based

Sports specific court or pitch based S&C sessions available for individuals and groups/teams. These sessions can help one work on acceleration, top end speed, agility and plyometric to increase ones sports performance.

Strength & Conditioning Sessions - Golf Fitness

At Performance Herts, we deliver S&C sessions to England and Hertfordshire Golf.  Therefore why not improve your golf performance with group or individual sessions focused on improving your mobility and strength.

Personal Training

1-2-1 or small group sessions available to help you achieve your health, wellbeing and fitness goals. Sessions can include measurements to help you track your progress.

Fitness Testing

Have your lower body strength and power, upper body power & strength, speed, agility, acceleration, aerobic capacity and other performance related tests assessed. Here at Performance Herts we have specialised fitness testing kit including; speed gates, jump mats (to test leg strength, power and reactive strength), calipers (for body fat measurements), amongst other kit and the gym for 1 rep max testing.

Functional Movement Screening

Have a qualified S&C coach assess your movement patterns to decipher your weaknesses and tightnesses and then make recommendations to help lengthen and strengthen the required areas to help improve performance.

Courses / Workshops

Performance Herts offer a range of courses and workshops taught by UKSCA accredited coaches who train an array of athletes up to Olympic level. Courses include: Olympic Weightlifting / S&C Level 1 / Speed Agility & Plyometric / Effective Warm Ups & Stretching.

School Workshops

Here at Performance Herts we have many connections with local schools and run workshops for sports teams or GCSE and A-Level PE students to enhance their students or performance.


Our staff here at Performance Herts are experienced lecturers in sport and exercise science and strength and conditioning subjects up to Masters level.