Performance Hertfordshire’s Talented Athlete Fund

Supporting Hertfordshire’s Olympians of tomorrow

For over 17 years, Performance Herts have supported several talented athletes on their journey to becoming elite or professional athletes. HTAP (Hertfordshire Talented Athlete Programme) alumni include 2-time double gold medallist Olympian Laura Kenny, GB sprinter Jodie Williams and professional golfer Tom Lewis amongst many others.

Sponsor the Olympians of tomorrow

This programme is designed for local athletes, between 14-21 years old, who compete at regional level or above in their given sport. Athletes selected for the programme receive access to Hertfordshire Sports Village health and fitness facilities, specialist Strength and Conditioning training from Performance Herts, 2 physiotherapy sessions at BodyBalance Physiotherapy Clinic and are also provided with a number of athlete education workshops throughout the year on topics such as performance nutrition, recovery, sport psychology, and anti-doping.

HTAP athletes receive:

  • Gym and pool membership
  • Access to weekly group Strength and Conditioning sessions year round
  • 5x one to one Strength and Conditioning sessions
  • Functional movement screening and performance testing
  • 2x physiotherapy appointments
  • 10x Athlete education workshops in topics such as nutrition, athlete lifestyle, and sports psychology

We are an ambitious programme which seeks to enrich the lives of its alumni – whether they make it as an athlete or if they simply grow as a person. While we strive to provide an excellent service to each and every athlete, we recognise that in order to optimise our impact within the programme we must utilise a wider supporting framework. The more we can fund the programme, the higher degree of impact we can have with our athletes, through community outreach, high quality delivery, renowned guest speakers and more.

So how can your organisation help?

Your organisation can become an integral part of the programme. Your support could enrich the experience of our athletes, giving them the best chance to succeed in sport and positively impacting their development as an individual. Currently we have a finite pot, your support could aid in supporting many other athletes on an individual basis.

On behalf of Performance Herts, we thank you for your interest in and support of this project and the difference you can make to our athletes. If your business or organisation would be interested in sponsoring HTAP, please contact Performance Herts at for more information.

Corporate Sponsorship Packages

  • Bronze - £1,000 per year
  • Silver - £2,500 per year
  • Gold - £5,000 per year
  • Platinum - £10,000 per year
  • Custom Package
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Sponsorship Opportunities for Individuals

  • Custom amount (anything from £1)
  • One-off donations
  • Monthly donations
  • Or more!

Meet the Athletes

Performance Hertfordshire’s Talented Athlete Alumni Profiles

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