Kettlebells at Home

Exercises such as Kettlebell swings can help increase your heart rate, burn extra fat and tone muscle. But where they really come into their own is in building strength throughout your posterior chain. As these are your body’s biggest muscles, you’ll torch calories. Kettlebells are an incredibly useful tool if you're looking to build your base of strength and mobility. They also help with more dynamic movements, where a dumbbell or barbell may be more difficult to use.

If you have some Kettlebells at home but are not sure how to use them in the correct way to your advantage, or if you're just looking for new ways to train with them, take a look at some great exercises below...

Kettlebells Intermediate Classes

20 Minute Home Kettlebell Workout

Presenters: The Body Coach TV

20 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Presenters: Heather Robertson