Foam rolling

Benefits of foam rolling (myofacial release)

Friday 2 February, 2024

Foam rolling of self-myofacial release, is a type of self massage. It is used to relieve muscle tightness and trigger points. This may be used before an activity bout or following exercise.



Muscle relaxation

Correction of muscle imbalances

Improved joint range of motion

Reduced soreness and improved tissue recovery

Decrease overall effects of stress on human body

Guidelines to foam rolling

Foam rolling should be included before static or dynamic stretching if being used as a warm up tool.

It can also be implemented at the end of a workout as a cool down.

Slowly roll the foam roller over the sore or tight area of muscle for roughly 30-90 seconds until you feel it release or discomfort reduces.

Key areas of foam roll

Calfs Adductors (inside of leg)

IT band (outside of leg)

Piriformis (glute muscle)

Latisimus dorsi (side of back as in picture)

Thoracic spine (upper spine)


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