Big Team Challenge FAQ's

Big Team Challenge FAQ's

Thursday 25 February, 2021

Have you got specific questions about the Big Team Challenge?
Hopefully you will find your question answered below!

There is also a great help function on the Big Team Challenge App, so if your question isn’t listed below then please do visit their comprehensive section.

On the BTC app > 4 lines on the top left hand side > settings > general > Help & Support

Can I link my iPhone and Apple watch?

In short, yes you can!  You can do this by downloading the Big Team challenge app from the App Store, then go into settings to make sure the health data was happy to sync to the Big Team Challenge app.  IPhone users will also need to check that the health app is set to allow Big Team Challenge to use your step data.

Can Strava be used?

To some extend.  You can add the distance you’ve done by adding this manually into the BTC app.  Or if you are using Android then you can link Strava to Google Fit and then Google Fit to the BTC app.  However it will only record the activity you have asked Strava to do so and not your steps through the day.

Can we include rowing/cycling in our count at all?

​Sadly not, this is purely a steps challenge

Does it start at 00.01 on 01/03/21?

​Yes the challenge does start at 00:01 on Monday - we know there are some of our members who like to exercise in the very early morning! (or some who like to stay up late and would happily get a head start!)

How long should it take to sync from Google Fit to Big Team Challenge?

​The initial sync could take up to 24 hours.  Just in case, make a note of the distance/steps so if you are having syncing issues you could upload it manually and back date it.


Can i sync my Fitbit to the Big Team Challenge?

​Here's some steps to connect your Fitbit on the app or the website:

On the BTC app > 4 lines on the top left hand side > settings > connected apps

On the app (download from Apple store or Google Play) > settings > devixes  > connect to Fitbit


My steps don’t seem to be syncing from my Apple Watch to the app?

​If you are using the app on your phone then go to settings and under devices make sure HealthKit Sync on. Also under that you have an option to activate widget and watch app.  Please remember that it can take up to 24 hours to sync.


I’m using a FitBit and it seems that my steps are being uploaded automatically regularly. Every couple of hours - even when I am not moving. (Fitbit has been on charge all morning, but the notifications still coming through). My teammates have asked me to turn it off. Is there anyway to set the timings of the syncing of my Fitbit to the BTC app?

​As FitBit has direct integration it will take whatever the FitBit app says.  Alternative, can your teammates change their notifications or you could unpair your FitBit to your phone, meaning steps will only be uploaded when you actively go into the FitBit app on your phone. 

I manually tracked an activity on the app this morning but my FitBit has now synched and duplicated the activity. Does anyone know if there is any way to delete an activity on the app?

For technical and admin reasons, there's unfortunately no way to automatically delete or "undo" distance that you've already added to the website or apps.

If you mistakenly add 100 kilometers instead of 10 kilometers, we would recommend not adding any more distance to the website until you would have used up the 90 kilometers that were added by mistake.


Can you connect a Garmin?

​Yes you can!  Just go to the handy guide that the guys at BTC have set up:


Is there any option to add alternative activities?

​All the steps you collect during all activities can count.  If you wear an activity tracker whilst taking your class, then it all helps!


What happens once you reach the target?

Keep going as the BTC will still count everything you are doing, unless you don’t want to be at the top of the leader board…

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