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Expansion of the Learn to Swim Programme

Monday 9 July, 2018

There are some changes to the Learn to Swim programme at Hertfordshire Sports Village, which will come into effect when the pool re-opens in October, following the 16-week closure to replace the pool liner.

The pool closure this summer has given the team at the Sports Village the opportunity to review how we programme the pool and how we deliver the swim lesson programme. After careful consideration we have decided to make the following changes which will bring a number of benefits:


Programme Expansion From 36 to 42 Weeks Per Year

From October 2018 the Learn to Swim programme at Hertfordshire Sports Village will expand from 36 to 42 weeks a year. The new programme will run through half term holidays but continue to include breaks at Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays. Where relevant, additional lessons will be added to compensate for Bank Holidays.

In addition to the longer terms we will also be adding additional classes on weekdays allowing greater class flexibility for those wishing to move times, days or enrol siblings. There will also be additional opportunities for private lessons, adult lessons, after school Ducklings lessons and new aquatic learning.


Lesson Costs

Lesson costs have remained the same for over two years now and we made a conscious decision not to increase these until such time that the pool liner issue was rectified, and we could operate the pool fully for years to come. However, as with any business our costs have risen in the previous two years and we need to make some small price increases to our lesson programme in order to continue to deliver the high quality, low ratio lessons we know you value so much.

At the same time as making these price increases, we have decided to reduce your upfront costs by charging for your lessons in blocks of 10 rather than blocks of 12 (please see below for details). Additionally, to cater for those swimmers that are close to finishing the programme, the option of purchasing a non-refundable block of 5 lessons will be introduced (prices available on request). From Monday 9 July 2018 lesson prices will increase as follows:


Ducklings, Stage 1 to Stage 7 and Adult Lessons

Lessons will increase from £7.00 to £7.50 per lesson with customers being able to pay in either of the following two ways:

  • Block of 10 lessons - £75.00
  • Direct Debit - £30.00 per month over 11 months from November 2018 (no August payment)


Club Foundation

Lessons will increase from £10.00 to £10.50 per lesson with customers being able to pay in either of the following two ways:

  • Block of 10 lessons - £105.00
  • Direct Debit - £41.00 per month over 11 months from November 2018 (no August payment)


Private Lessons (per person)

  • 1:1 - £22.50, 1:2 - £17.50, 1:3 and above - £15.00


Direct Debit Payment Options

We will continue to offer a Direct Debit payment option and the costs for this are changing to reflect the individual lesson cost increase and the increase in the number of lessons per year (from 36 to 42).

Paying by Direct Debit provides the option of making regular monthly payments and is the easiest way of spreading the cost of your lessons. The cost has been calculated by taking the cost of each lesson (£7.50 or £10.50), multiplying this by the annual number of lessons (42) and adding an administration fee for setting up and managing the Direct Debit.

As an example, if you choose to pay by Direct Debit for Ducklings, stages 1 to 7 or adult classes, you will pay a total of £330 over 11 months compared to £315 if you pay by purchasing blocks of lessons but have the benefit of spreading the cost evenly over 11 months. It is important to say that the Direct Debit payment is calculated and taken based on a full lesson year and does not vary depending on whether there are 4 or 5 lessons in a calendar month.

The new Direct Debit costs shown above will come into effect from 1 November 2018. Your October payment will be taken at a lower amount based on the monthly cost and will be adjusted once we know when in October the swim lesson programme will recommence. If you wish to cancel your Direct Debit at any point then we require 30 days written notice to


Childcare Voucher Payments

We have received notification that we can no longer accept Childcare Voucher payments for swimming lessons. If you currently pay by Childcare Vouchers please speak to a member of our Customer Services team who will be happy to talk you though the payment options available to you, which will be purchasing blocks of swimming lessons upfront or paying monthly via Direct Debit.


Lesson Date and Time Moves

Should you wish to, as an existing customer, you now have priority to move the time or day of your class (should space be available) until Monday 16 July 2018. After this date the Learn to Swim programme will be available to new customers. To move class please contact our Customer Services team on 01707 284466 or

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience during this pool closure. We look forward to having the remedial works completed in full, the pool re-open and being able to welcome you back into our expanded Learn to Swim programme.


Yours sincerely;

David Connell
Director of Sport

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