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Our Covid Closure Guarantee

Monday 2 November, 2020

In these uncertain times and with an ever changing and fast-moving situation, we are aware that we may have to sadly close our doors due to Government guidance.  We have prepared a range of FAQs to help our members and customers understand our standard procedures during these closure periods.  We hope we have answered the majority of these below and are working our way through all the emails, phone calls and questions you have.



I have a monthly direct debit membership. What will happen to my monthly payments?

We will automatically freeze all monthly direct debit payments throughout any closure periods. We will reduce future direct debit payments to take into consideration any periods of closure and ensure that you will not be charged for any period of time where you are unable to use us due to closure.

Will I receive a part refund of my direct debit?

Direct debits will be frozen. We will calculate and add on any unused days to your membership, so you won’t lose out and reduce the next direct debit payment we take from you accordingly.

I’ve paid annually for my membership. What will happen to the days you have been closed and I haven’t been able to use my membership?

Any days where you have been unable to visit due to the closure will be added to the end of your membership when we re-open. You will not need to contact us or do anything.

Will I have to pay a freeze fee for my membership to be frozen during a period of closure?

No, we will not be charging anyone the usual £10 freeze fee during this time of closure due to the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in. However, if you choose to freeze your membership outside of any required closures, you will be asked to pay the usual freeze fee.

I would like to freeze my membership for longer than the closure. How do I do this?

Please confirm in an email to us the dates you wish to freeze your membership until at

We can currently freeze for a maximum of 4 months. Please note this is subject to the usual freeze fee.

I had already given a month’s notice to cancel my membership. Will I now receive a refund for my unusable cancellation period?

If you’ve cancelled your direct debit and are now unable to make use of your cancellation period, please contact us at

I still want to work-out. How can I keep active at home?

We have a dedicated online platform called HSV@Home. This will enable you to join virtual classes and work-out from home. We have a variety of content for you to use and enjoy from activities for the kids, personal workout programmes, classes and wellbeing tips and exercises through to brain games! Take a look at what's currently on offer and keep your eyes peeled for more content added all the time HERE

I pay for my membership through my salary. Will I still be charged?

Staff who pay for their membership via their salary pay in arrears. Payroll have been informed to freeze payments until we re-open. We will reduce future payments to take into consideration any periods of closure.

Can I borrow equipment from the gym?

We are unable to loan our gym equipment to members. Unfortunately, our insurance only covers use of our kit on site and therefore as soon as kit is taken outside of the Sports Village we would be liable for any injuries/damages. There are still some great workouts you can do with no kit at all. Check out and join our HSV@Home community HERE

I’m an international student and have paid upfront for a semester only membership. How do I get my money back as I won’t be returning?

We will give you a pro-rata refund for the period of which you have been unable to use your membership due to the closure. If you believe you are due a refund please complete this form and we will be in contact as soon as we can. 
Complete Refund Form HERE



I have paid upfront for a course. Can I get a refund?

All courses we are not able to fulfil due to closures will be entitled to a full refund, or if more convenient to you, moved to another date in the future. We will be contacting anyone booked onto a course with us to discuss your options.


Swimming Lessons

What will happen to my/my child’s swimming lessons?

If you pay by monthly direct debit, all lessons and direct debits will be frozen until we re-open. We will reduce future direct debit payments to take into consideration any periods of closure.

If you have already paid for a block of lessons, you will keep any remaining credits on your account.

I had already given a month’s notice to cancel my lessons that were paid for by direct debit. Will I now receive a refund for the cancelled lessons?

If you’ve cancelled your direct debit and are unable to make use of your cancellation period, please contact us at

How will I find out when swimming lessons are recommencing?

Swimming lessons will recommence on the day we reopen.  We will contact you via email if this changes.  Updates will be available on our website and social media channels.

We were self-isolating before the closure. Can we have a credit for those weeks we missed?

Unfortunately, we can’t retrospectively credit your account. We will not be able to reimburse you if you didn’t visit us before our closure.

Can we still move classes whilst you are shut?

Yes you can move swimmers via the Home Portal or by emailing your request to


Conference, block, advance bookings and events

I have a current or future booking, what do I do now?

Please be assured we will be contacting all bookings on our system. We are working through this by facility and chronological order as much as we can. Please bear with us as we do have a back log of bookings to get through. Don't worry, we will get around to contacting all kids parties, conference bookings, block bookings, events and advanced bookings; both indoor and outdoor.


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