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Refer a friend for the same rate!

Friday 4 January, 2019

Are you one of our corporate members (do you work in one of our partner businesses and have a membership with us) or do you work for the University of Hertfordshire and are a member with us?

Did you know you can refer a friend for the same discounted rate as you?

Every corporate/UH staff member with us gets 1 referral. This can be given to any friend, partner, spouse - so let your family and friends save a bit of money this 2019!

Usually £49, a referral will get our all-in membership for £42 per month (£34 for UH staff). 
Plus you will benefit too as when it comes to fitness there is strength in numbers.
There is something to be said about the power of working out in a group.
A 2016 study published in the journal 'Obesity' found that overweight people tend to lose more weight if they spend time with friends who are already active. There are many other benefits to working out with other people. These are:

  • Increases tribe mentality
  • Increases your commitment to a fitness routine
  • Pushes and challenges you
  • Creates healthy competition
  • Inspirational
  • Releases endorphins & boosts your mood
  • Helps you mix up your workouts & reduces boredom
  • Increases feelings of support & accountability

So what are you waiting for?? Refer your friends today and enjoy the reap the benefits!

Contact Georgie Popham to refer a friend or to find out more details.


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