School group climbing sessions

Friday 7 May, 2021

Did you know that indoor climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and rest of the world?

Climbing has been recognised by the Olympic committee and is now an Olympic sport.
It plays a key role in early childhood motor skills development. A study from PlayCore found evidence that climbing at a young age helps hone spatial and directional awareness, also boosting physical skills such as balance, hand and foot coordination, and agility.

There is a strong focus around safety and personal development in the sport. There is no ‘score’ in climbing. You are competing against gravity and yourself which is why it appeals to a wide range of children who might find group sport intimidating.

Indoor climbing at Hertfordshire Sports Village is an exhilarating activity offering both physical and mental challenges at levels specific to individuals and ages. Learning a new skill outside of a traditional environment can benefit children greatly. Our 12 metre high climbing wall is a fun educational resource for schools throughout the region, providing children of all ages from the age of 8 to new and exciting experiences that allow them to explore their true potential. Children who dislike the competitive nature of traditional field and gym based sports are often willing to try indoor climbing and leave the Sports Village with a spring in their step after enjoying the sessions and experiencing the sense of achievement upon reaching the top of the wall.

All climbing sessions are fully supervised at the Sports Village as we focus on introducing young people to the sport in a friendly, fun and safe environment. We can offer a range of climbing packages to suit the needs of your school and pupils. From one-off experience sessions providing a great introduction to the world of climbing to regular block bookings on our wall if you would like to bring your pupils along regularly. You will see confidence and abilities grow within children with regular sessions.

Hertfordshire Sports Village is a NICAS centre (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) delivering courses to children from the age of 8 upwards. This scheme features a series of levels increasing in technical skill and knowledge as they are completed. They provide the structure and motivation for new climbers to develop their skills in order to get the most out of the sport whilst having their achievements recognised by a national body.

The NICAS scheme promotes pupil led learning and peer teaching where young people can learn at their own pace and take responsibility for recording their achievements in their NICAS logbook. Climbing is one of the sports listed in the GCSE P.E. specification under ‘Indentifying and Solving Problems to Overcome Challenges of an Adventurous Nature.’ For young people at GCSE level, NICAS has been taken up by examination boards for pupils working towards a climbing GCSE but also those who are using climbing as one of their key activities in GCSE P.E.

Indoor climbing and bouldering also both fulfil the requirements of a physical activity for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. The NICAS scheme can be used for young people to progress up through the different levels.

So whether you are looking for one-off experience sessions or regular structured courses relevant to your school group’s needs, we can offer a range of climbing packages to suit you. With 20% off for school group bookings of up to 12 children, our prices are very competitive.

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