Why sponsor our Herts Talented Athlete Programme?

Sponsor Performance Herts Talented Athlete Programme!

Friday 1 July, 2022

Our friends at Performance Herts (located inside our gym at Herts Sports Village) have recently shared some exciting news - they have launched a great new partnership with Snap Sponsorship to help support athletes on their Herts Talented Athlete Programme (HTAP)!

Performance Herts' athletes are their biggest asset but there are so many running costs involved in the programme - administration, coaching, facility hire, etc. Not to mention regular one-to-one and group Strength and Conditioning sessions, performance nutrition, physio and wellbeing and lifestyle sessions for each athlete - this is a financial burden that athletes shouldn't have to worry about.

Performance Herts wants to help take all of this added pressure off of their athletes so they can focus on what they are there to do - getting better at their sport.

But they need as much help as possible which is why we are looking for anything, you, our fabulous members can offer. Whether you would like to sponsor one of their great opportunities from your business, as a friend or family member of an athlete, or you just want to help their young athletes succed with the best start possible, sponsor one of their great new opportunities on their brand new SNAP profile and help their athletes focus on what really matters.

Find out more and view our sponsorship opportunities from just £20 HERE.
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