Sports Hall Closure

Summer Sports Hall Closure

Tuesday 25 June, 2019

We pride ourselves on keeping our facilities in the best condition possible. As part of how we were funded (through a Private Finance Initiative – PFI) we are contractually required to close facility areas to allow our Facility Management company (responsible for the PFI) to undertake what are called “lifecycle works”, which keep the Sports Village looking as good as new.

These lifecycle works are an essential part of why the Sports Village looks so good despite being 16 years old this year and although these mean short closures from time-to-time they ensure that we have high quality facilities now and in the future.

In Summer 2019 it is time to undertake lifecycle works on all 3 Sports Hall floors and this involves the following work being undertaken:

  • Sanding of all floors;
  • Replacement line markings in all areas;
  • Deep cleaning of all areas;
  • Replacement of all air vents

To allow these essential lifecycle works to take place we need to close all 3 Sports Halls from Monday 15 July – Sunday 4 August inclusive.

All other facility areas will remain open during the Sports Hall closure (including our outdoor tennis courts) and this could be the perfect opportunity for you to try other racquet sports like squash and tennis.  

Thank you for your understanding with the facility closure this summer and for your continued support. If you have any questions about the forthcoming Sports Hall closure, please see a member of the Sports Village team.

David Connell
Director of Sports

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