The Importance of Mobility for Performance

Friday 2 September, 2022

We all understand how important a warm up is on the body before sporting activity but what do we know about the importance of mobility within sport?


Mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion. Mobility helps athletes move more efficiently allowing for ease of movement through an active range of motion, increased performance and reduced injury risk.

How do I become more mobile?

A useful and time officiant method of targeting mobility, either in a warm up or as a stand alone session is by using mobility flows. Yes we are taking a leaf out of Yoga's handbook here. Flows involve moving through multiple exercises and positions to target end range joint angles and help to recruit key muscle groups and increase elasticity soft tissues around a joint. Click Here to check out our mobility playlist to see our favourite mobility flows.


When should I do mobility exercises?

Implementing active flow exercise at the start of your training session or match will increase mobility to help improve flexibility and functional stability. As well as aiding performance and reducing risk of injury, increased mobility also aids good posture.


How long should I spend on mobility

3-4 targeted mobility flows a session will be appropriate for a warmup, but 6+ flows can make an effective mobility session. Complete each flow 3-5 times through before moving on. Get creative on your flow patterns and have fun.

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