Training The Aerobic System - Building the Engine

Monday 1 August, 2022



Whether you're training to improve performance, body composition, strength, or just overall health, the engine (capacity & power) of the aerobic system is key.


That's because the aerobic system:

- Increases stamina / Decreases fatigue

- Wards off illness / Reduces potential health risks

- Helps manage chronic conditions

- Correlates to health & lifespan

- Boosts your mood

- Contributes the majority of energy to a wide range of actions (in sport & life)

- Is what drives recovery & sets your effective training limit


How to train to build the engine of the aerobic system:

Type = Steady State Training

Mode = Any (run, cycle, row, swim, etc...)

Duration = 30-60mins

Frequency = 1-4 x per week

Intensity = Maintain HR between 120-160bpm


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