Group Exercise classes

We're updating the way we manage waiting lists for Group Exercise classes

Monday 24 June, 2019

After listening to your feedback, we are pleased to announce we are updating the way we manage our waiting lists for Group Exercise classes.

From Monday 8 July, if a space becomes available on a class more than 24 hours prior to the start time you will be automatically transferred to the class booking if you are at the top of the waiting list. You will receive a text message to inform you of the move and will also be able to view the change in the “Manage Bookings” section of our app and website.

Please note: this means bookings you make from Monday 8 July (for members or Tuesday 9 July for non-members) will be affected.

If a space becomes available within 24 hours of the class starting you will receive a phone call offering you the place. We will leave a voicemail and send a text message if we’re unable to get through to you. You will have one hour to respond before the place is offered to the next person on the list. You are welcome to either call us back or simply send a text with your full name and “YES” or “NO”.

If you are on a waiting list and no longer wish to attend the class, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waiting list. If you are booked in to a class and can no longer attend, you are able to cancel on the app/website up to 4 hours prior to the class starting without penalty. Cancellations within 4 hours of the class start time will be processed in line with our dishonour policy.

Please ensure the mobile phone number we have for you is up-to-date.

You can view and update your details via the “My Account” screen on the booking page of our website. Alternatively, please speak to our Customer Service or Health and Fitness Team who will be able to check the number we have for you.


Gym Phone Number

Going forwards, if we are contacting you about a class booking it will be from our new mobile number, therefore we recommend saving it to your phone contacts list - 07510 586 384.

Please be aware that this number is strictly for the following reasons:

• Booking classes (Please note, we are unable to take payment via this number)
• Cancelling classes (Late cancellation policy will still apply)
• Accepting a space on a class that you’ve been notified is available

If you are contacting us about anything else, you will be asked to call back on our main Sports Village number (01707 284466 – lines are open from 10:30-18:30 Monday to Friday and from 10:00-16:00 weekends/Bank Holidays).
For your ease and convenience we would recommend you download our
'HSV Book' app for general bookings and cancellations.


Dishonour Policy

We understand that things can come up last minute which may prevent you from attending a pre-booked class, but our team are unable to remove a dishonour from your account on these occasions. To take this into consideration, your booking privileges are only affected if you late cancel/don’t attend three or more classes in any four week period.

Non-attendance: Please ensure you scan your key fob/phone sticker on the reception turnstile prior to the class start time.

If you don’t scan, your attendance on our system, it is not recorded.

Please note: the only way we’re able to know if you attended the class is if you swipe in. The register you may be asked to tick off in the class is only used by the instructor to keep record of the numbers attended and is not used to confirm your attendance.

Late cancellation: Our cancellation policy for exercise classes is four hours, although if needed you’re able to cancel via our app or website up to two hours before the class starts.

If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We hope you gain the benefit of these improvements and we look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

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