Terms & Conditions

Learn to Swim Terms & Conditions


There are two ways to pay for swimming lessons:

  1. Block of 10 consecutive lessons
    • Unused lesson credits paid for in blocks will not be refunded.
  2. Monthly Direct Debit
    • The monthly direct debit is calculated by taking the total annual cost of 42 weeks lessons and spreading this amount over 11 calendar months plus a small admin fee, with August being payment free.
    • We require 30 days’ notice to cancel lessons paid for by Direct Debit.
    • We reserve the right to refuse payment via Direct Debit if payment is inconsistent.

A lesson credit will automatically be deducted from the swimmer’s account each week of term.

Missed lessons will not be refunded or credited except on production of a doctor’s certificate. If an original doctor’s certificate is provided, the swimmer will be removed from the class register for future lessons and unused credits will remain on their account. In order to guarantee they remain in their existing class, the swimmer will need to stay on the register; throughout this period a lesson credit will automatically be deducted from the swimmer’s account each week of term.

It is the swimmer’s (or parent/guardian’s) responsibility to ensure lesson credits remain on the account. The number of lessons remaining can be viewed by logging into the Home Portal. Payment should be made via the Home Portal or via Reception, in person or by telephone (01707 284466). Changes to payment method can be requested by emailing hsv.swimminglessons@herts.ac.uk. We advise customers to leave a minimum of three credits in their accounts as a swimmer is automatically removed from the programme after the start of the last lesson and that place will then be made available to others. If the class is then full, an alternative day or time will need to be selected to continue in the programme.

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a lesson, the lesson credit will not be deducted for block payees. Direct Debit payees next payment will be reduced by the cost of the lesson. If a lesson is disrupted through no fault of our own (for example, where a swimmer is ill in the pool) every effort will be made to resume lessons as soon as it is safe to do so. Whilst swimmers are out of the pool, the teacher will ensure this time is spent constructively. If more than 15 minutes of the lesson is lost then we will reimburse a lesson credit to the swimmer’s account.

Assessments and Moves

Swimmers from other swim programmes will need to be assessed before joining our programme to ensure they enter at the correct stage. Swimmers that are unable to swim 5m on their front and back without putting their feet down will not require an assessment and will automatically be enrolled in Stage 1. Assessments can be arranged through our Reception team.

We follow the Swim England progression scheme; however we introduce elements above the minimum standards for each stage and therefore a swimmer may find they are initially in a stage lower with us than where they have come from. We are committed to ensuring that swimmers develop correct techniques throughout our programme.

Electronic devices are used to record lesson attendance and to update progress on poolside. Please note progress will not necessarily be updated every week as this can detract from the teaching but will be regularly assessed. Whilst the skill elements are used as a guideline for moving the swimmer, the fundamentals of each stroke will continue to be taught at each stage. Swimmers will be expected to be of a high enough standard for the stage. For example, the distance swims will not just be measured on the completion of the required distance but on the proficiency of the stroke.

Swimmer’s progress can be viewed on the Home Portal. Once a swimmer has reached 100% of their stage they can be moved to the next stage via the Home Portal or Reception. Swimmers can wait in the current class until a convenient slot becomes available. Alternatively, they can be removed from classes until a suitable space becomes available and unused credits will remain on their account. However, we would not recommend this as swimmers will still benefit from regular practice.

All our teachers are qualified in both teaching and assessing the ability of the swimmers. Swimmers will move as and when the teacher feels they have reached the necessary criteria and are able to consistently perform the required skills.

After passing each of the Stages 1-7, a certificate and badge can be collected from Reception.

Teaching Cover

Whilst we will endeavour to provide the same teacher each week, this is not always possible due to sickness and leave. Therefore, there may be times when we cover sessions with an alternative suitably qualified and DBS checked teacher. There may be occasions where, due to short notice teacher absence, we will need to combine similar stage classes. All teachers will have access to the swimmer’s current progress so that they are able to pick up the teaching without any detriment to the swimmer.

Health and Safety

All users are expected to observe our ‘HSV Pool Rules’ at all times.

Health and safety is paramount and any swimmer whose behaviour compromises the safety or the learning experience of the others may be temporarily removed from the lesson without a refund. We reserve the right in extreme circumstances to exclude a swimmer from our programme, without refund, for persistently poor behaviour.

Medical Information and Special Educational Needs

We strive to provide an inclusive programme so please ensure any medical information or special educational needs are highlighted when enrolling or at any time an additional need is identified. This ensures the swimmer is in an appropriate lesson and teachers can adapt their lesson accordingly.


Please be aware that all belongings left in the changing rooms should be placed in a locker and not left on the benches. This is to be fair to all other users of the facility and for security of your possessions.

Any child of 8 years or older must change in the changing rooms for the appropriate gender.

We have group changing rooms accessible if required. Please ask at Reception if you would like access to these.

Swim Wear

All female swimmers, regardless of age, are requested to wear a full one-piece swimming costume.

All male swimmers should wear trunks, specific swim shorts or all in one suits. Board shorts, sports shorts or underwear are not permitted.

Any clothing that is deemed inappropriate or unsafe may result in the swimmers not being allowed to swim.


Goggles are permitted but are not advised. If a swimmer needs to wear goggles, they must fit correctly. Swimmers should leave them on once the lesson starts and not keep removing them as this can cause disruptions. Swimmers will be asked to remove goggles should persistent disruptions be caused.


All children in our swim programme are required to wear swim hats which we provide. The colour of the hats signifies the stage the child is in and therefore are a health and safety requirement. If a hat is broken/lost or forgotten, replacements will be charged at £2.00 per hat.

Swimmer’s hair should be tied back where appropriate so that it does not fall across the eyes.


In the interests of safety, no jewellery or watches should be worn in the water and swimmers will be asked to remove any items prior to the lesson beginning. Herts Sports Village and their teachers do not take any responsibility for the loss of any personal belongings.

Swimming in the Public Area

Where available, anyone wishing to swim outside of a swimming lesson is required to pay for their swim at Reception and will be provided with a wristband as confirmation of purchase.

We strongly recommend swimmers do not swim immediately before their lesson as they need to be mentally and physically fresh to gain the most benefit.

Lesson Handovers

Please ensure under 8s are accompanied by an adult to poolside and handed over to their respective teachers. Similarly post lesson, under 8s must be collected promptly by an adult.

Swimmers should arrive poolside within five minutes of their lesson start time, having used the toilet, wearing their swim hat (and goggles if required) ready to swim so as not to disrupt the lesson. Swimmers should wear swim nappies if required. Under 8s requiring the toilet during a lesson will need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

We advise swimmers not to eat within half an hour of their lesson starting.

Lesson Viewing

Parents/guardians are required to leave poolside once their child has started their lesson. Swimming lessons can be viewed from the balcony or in the café. Parents/guardians of under 8s must remain on the premises and within view of the lesson at all times in case they are required by the teacher.


If you have any questions or queries related to our swim programme please speak to a member of our Reception team rather than speaking to the teacher directly. Reception will then locate the Swim Programme Coordinator or other relevant member of staff. This is vital as it enables teachers to adhere to their teaching schedule and ensures we can provide high quality customer service.

Please email any feedback to hsv.swimminglessons@herts.ac.uk.

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