Yoga for Mindfulness at Home

Mindful Yoga is the holistic approach of connecting your mind to your breath. Mindfulness is simple but also complex. It is a way of training yourself to simply focus on whatever is happening in the present moment. It can be one of the most transformational tools for personal and spiritual development.
Benefits of practicing Mindfulness include increased concentration, memory, immunity to colds and illnesses, feelings of happiness and contentment, reduction in chronic pain, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression.

The main focus of Mindful Yoga is mind to body awareness. Bringing mindful awareness to any physical activity creates an alert focus to whatever you are doing in that exact moment, and therefore transforming the movement into a form of meditation.

Try some Yoga for Mindfulness sessions at home and you will feel a deeper sense of self-awareness and acceptance, as well as compassion for the youself and others.

Yoga for Mindfulness Beginner Classes