Group Cycle at Home

If you're lucky enough to own a spin bike (indoor cycle) at home, there's no reason to stop spinning if your gym classes are closed! You already own that vital bit of equipment so what's stopping you from continuing your spin classes from the comfort of your own home?! Or if you can, why don't you jump on your outdoor bike and use your one hour of outside activity to cycle around the great outdoors?

There are so many health and fitness benefits to cycling, from burning calories and dropping a few pounds to building muscle definition and strength, and enhancing your mental well-being. On the bike you can set your own pace and workout to your own ability, setting yourself challenges and new goals.

Online videos and instructors can help with motivation and targets but each ride will help you develop a great can-do attitude and help build mental strength as well as physical strength.

So whether you spin in the comfort of your own home or jump on your bike and venture into the great outdoors for a ride, you will finish feeling energised and ready to start the day!

Ready to jump back into the gym for Group Cycle & Spin Classes?

Hertfordshire Sports Village run regular spin and group cycle classes for individuals like you. The centre is in Hatfield, close to St Albans and Welwyn Garden City.

Group Cycle Intermediate Classes

40 Minute Sprint Intervals

Presenters: Global Cycling Network

Group Cycle Advanced Classes

HiiT Indoor Cycling Workout

Presenters: Global Cycling Network