Cable Rotations

Exercise of the Month: 1/2 Kneeling Cable Rotations

Friday 8 September, 2023

What is a Cable Rotation?

The Cable rotation is a core exercise designed to strengthen the rotational aspect of the trunk. Rotation is a heavily underused training method for your core and when we think back to basic human and sporting movements its shocking to think how often we need to rotate through our trunk.


How to perform this exercise

  • Set your base - Get into a 1/2 kneeling position at a 90 degree angle to the origin point of the cable machine. You should set up a small distance away from the cable to provide constant tension throughout the exercise.
  • Find your grip - As seen in the picture we recommend using the rope attachment with your hands set shoulder width a part.
  • Rotate - Keeping your hips square to the initial direction you are facing, rotate your torso over the raised leg, keeping your arms straight and following your hands with your eye’s.
  • Reset - Control the movement back to the starting position and don’t forget to train both sides.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Setting up with the wrong leg forward - You should aim to rotate over the your raised leg and not away from it.
  • Turning with your hips - Doing this takes the emphasis away from the core and changes the exercise completley, keep your hips square.



  • Low to High Rotation
  • High to Low Rotation

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