Chin-up demonstration

Chin-up demonstration

Exercise of the month

Wednesday 1 November, 2023

Pallof Press

What is a Pallof press?

The Pallof press is a core exercise that resists the rotation caused by the band or cable. It works the smaller and larger core muscles, including the obliques but also engages upper body and glute muscles to stabilise the body. This is a great exercise to resist the force placed on the spine during squats and deadlifts, as well as providing the core strength needed when changing direction in sport to reduce the likelihood of injury


How to perform this exercise

  • Tie a resistance band to an anchor point such as a squat rack, or use a cable stack, making sure the resistance is parallel to your arms as shown in the image. If using a cable, use a handle attachment.
  • Then claps both of your hands around the handle or band, and bring the cable into the centre of your chest
  • Make sure your torso is facing the front, press back out slowly from your chest, and repeat


Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Too heavy weight - This is an anti-rotation exercise, using too heavy of a weight causes the torso to move from the front position and rounding of the lower back, meaning the benefits of core stability are not reached
  • Raised shoulders - Elevating your shoulders while pressing out with your arms may lead to shoulder pain as it puts the rotator cuff muscle in a compromised position



  • Half - kneeling - Lower the cable or band height and half kneel on the floor, using a pad under the kneeling leg for comfort if needed. This may add stability to the movement, but additonally engage the hip flexors to resist the rotational forces.
  • Side plank - This works the same core muscles, however the Pallof press may be easier to perform as some people may not have the shoulder, hip or oblique strength to hold a side plank.

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