Landmine rotation

Exercise of the month

Wednesday 28 February, 2024

What is a landmine rotation? A landmine rotation is a rotational core exercise, targetting the obliques and deep core muscles. A barbell is anchored to the floor using a landmine device (usually found at the bottom of squat racks). The exercise improves overall body strength, balance and stability, and coordination.

How do you perform this exercise?

Position a bar in the landmine feature of a squat rack (use a lighter bar such as a 15kg if needed). Raise the bar from the floor and press above your head with both hands

You should now have extended arms above your head with the barbell in your hands, with a wide stance for balance.

Using your core and hips, rotate the bar to one side, while keeping your arms extended. The bar should end up by your hips on one side.

Swing the bar from the side over your head and over to the other side, while keeping the core engaged and arms extended. Repeat this motion equal times on each side within the set.

Tips and tricks!

Keep your hips facing forward, if you struggle with this then adopt a wider stance to reduce the range of motion. Keep a slight bend in the knees as this will take some tension off of your lower spine. If you do feel tension in the lower spine, perform this exercise in a kneeling position.


Half kneeling position

Tall kneeling position

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