Hip thrust

Hip thrust

Exercise of the month: Hip thrust

Monday 3 April, 2023

What is a Hip Thrust?

The hip thrust allows you to isolate and work the glutes in a very shortened range of motion through full hip extension, making it one of the best exercises you can do for glute strength. Having strong glutes is also an essential component for strengthening other compound lifts, including squats and deadlifts, as well as decreasing the risk of lower-back injuries. The hip thrust also engages other muscle groups – including the hamstrings, hip and knee extensors, and quads. Hip thrusts also improve overall athletic performance, including sprinting and jumping as they help acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and producing power.

How to perform this exercise

  • Set up with your back against an elevated surface (like a bench or a box) with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  • The bench should hit just below your shoulder blades, and your feet should be about shoulder-width apart.
  • You can rest your elbows on the bench.
  • Keeping your chin tucked, push through your heels until your thighs reach parallel to the floor — your legs should form a 90-degree angle.
  • Squeeze your glutes at the top, then return to start.

Coaching Tips

Create a 90-degree angle at your knee when hips are in full extention - having your feet too far forward, you'll feel it more in your hamstring. Keep your rib cage down and avoid letting them flare at the top when achieving hip extension

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