Exercise of the month - Incline Push Up

Wednesday 1 May, 2024

What is an incline push up?

An incline press up is a modified version of a regular push up, the incline variation may be easier for beginners due to the reduced stress on the joints and reduced amount of bodyweight lifted. This exercise targets the main areas of the chest, making it an ideal upper body exercise. This is a great compromise if you find regular push ups or if you find getting down and back up from the floor too difficult.

How do you perform this exercise?

Place your hands on the edge of a box or bench (or any elevated surface such as a chair if you are at home), keep your arms straight and place your feet behind you so that your body is in a straight line as pictured. Bend your elbows so that your chest lowers towards the box, while keeping your body in the same straight position. Think about keeping your core and legs squeezed. Once your chest has touched the box, push back up to the original position, keep repeating this using slow and steady repetitions.

Common mistakes

Wide hand placement - this may reduce the range of motion and affect your ability to complete the exercise effectively.

Poor alignment - try not to let your stomach or hips slump as this affects the alignment of your position. If you find this occurs a lot, you may want to include some core strengthening exercises into your workout.


If you find this too hard, you can make the surface higher, or do this against the wall. Place your feet closer to the wall to make it easier, or away from the wall to make it harder.

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