Waiters carry/walk

Exercise of the month - Waiters Carry/Walk

Tuesday 2 April, 2024

Waiters Carry/Walk:

What is a waiters walk?

A waiters walk is a loaded carry that involves holding a kettlebell in the ‘bottoms up’ position overhead (or with a bent arm for more stability, as shown in the picture). This exercise improves stability of the trunk and the wrist, and strengthens muscles in the shoulder such as the rotator cuff muscles due to the weight being overhead.

How do you perform this exercise?

Take a kettlebell in one hand as if you were shaking someones hand, push it up above your head so that your arm is straight above you, and the kettlebell is resting on the back of your wrist with your palm facing upwards. Walk forward, keeping the kettlebell above your head and arm close to your ear, without rocking or leaning to one side. Do this for a desires amount of time, swap hands and do it again for the same amount of time.


Hold the kettlebell with a bent arm at 90 degrees for more control Suitcase carry - holding one kettlebell by your side, instead of overhead Combination - a lighter kettlebell overhead in a waiters carry position, with a heavier kettlebell in a suitcase carry position in the other hand (as sown in picture on the right)

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