Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children

Wednesday 13 January, 2021

As we are in the middle of Lockdown 3 with schools across the country closed once again, your child may be experiencing stress and anxiety due to the ever-changing situation and uncertainty. 

Take a look at the below fun, mindfulness activities to keep your little ones positive, upbeat and creative around homeschooling. 

  1. 'Just One Breath' Breathing Activity
    - Find a relaxing place, sit comfortably and set a timer for one minute.
    - Breathe deeply in and out while paying attention to any sensations you notice or sounds you hear.
    - Take another, slow deep breath, imagine the air moving down into your lungs and back up.
    - Take one more deep breath and hold for a moment, then release it.
  2. Create a Glitter Jar
    - Find a jar or plastic bottle and allow your child to decorate it however they like.
    - Fill the bottle up 3/4 of the way with water. Next, add clear glue, food colouring and glitter, and then shake.
    - Seal the lid and you are ready to go.
  3. Heartbeat Exercise
    - Ask your child to stand up and either jump up and down or do jumping jacks for one minute. 
    - At the end of that minute, tell them to place their hand on their heart and pay attention to how their heartbeat and their breathing feels.
  4. Go on a Safari
    - Go outside for an exciting adventure. Try picking up a small rock or touching a plant or flower. 
    - Notice the bugs and the birds. Take a moment to kneel down and touch the earth. 
    - Walk mindfully paying close attention to everything. Make sure you walk in silence because you want to notice all the little details. 
  5. Tense and Release Muscle Relaxation
    - Starting at the feet, gently squeeze the muscles in the feet by tightening them, then slowly releasing. 
    - Next, squeeze the large muscles in the calves for 5 seconds, then gently release. Working your way up the body, squeeze the thigh muscles for 5 seconds then gently releae.
    - Contine moving up the body for further relaxation.
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