Rookie Lifeguard - Lifesaving Skills for Children (Gold Award)

Rookie Lifeguard Course - Gold Award

The next stage on from completing Silver is our Gold Award. Our Gold Award completes the Rookie Lifeguarding and Support Course. Children will build on the foundations of what they have learned in the Bronze and Silver Awards. Upon completion of the Gold Award, they will be able to do the following:

  • Coil and throw a rope to a casualty 12 metres away and pull to the side in less than 30 seconds
  • Swim 400 metres continuously in clothing using three different strokes
  • Tread water, removing clothing, then swim 50m
  • Climb out of deep water unaided
  • Demonstrate fall-in, compact jump or shallow dive
  • Demonstrate a reverse
  • Demonstrate a standoff
  • Rescue an unconscious casualty at depth in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Demonstrate supported rescue breathing whilst waiting for help 
  • Demonstrate the support position
  • Demonstrate non-contact rescues
  • Treat for shock
  • Hand signals
  • Using any recognised competitive stroke, swim 400m continuously in less than 12 minutes

Children will finish the course with valuable survival, rescue and sports skills, taught through a range of fun activities.

Stage 5 and above on the Learn to Swim programme.
Age: 8-13 year olds.


1 hour each day Monday-Friday for this Gold Award course.

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Rookie Lifeguard - Lifesaving Skills for Children (Gold Award) Course Dates




Hertfordshire Sports Village
de Havilland Campus
Hatfield Business Park
AL10 9EU


5 days

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