Seated Exercise at Home

Whilst it's important to exercise, sometimes it's hard to fit the exercise that you need into your day.

If you are sedentary for too long, you will begin to experience aches and pains. Seated Exercise will help your mobility return and it can be done whilst you are working at home, watching TV or whatever else you might be doing whilst sitting down. 

It can reduce the risk of chronic disease, increase life expectancy, preserve functional capacities and the ability to perform activities of daily living - such as cooking and cleaning, and improve measures of physical health that combat the effects of aging.

For those that haven't maintained an exercise routine over the years or are battling the effects of chronic pain or disability due to injury or a health condition, there are accessible Seated Exercise options that can improve your strength, cardiovascular health, mobility, and balance - all from the comfort of a sturdy chair.

So whatever age you are or fitness level you're at, EVERYONE can add a bit of movement into their daily routine with Seated Exercise.

Seated Exercise Beginner Classes
Seated Exercise Intermediate Classes