Total Tone at Home

Why not use the extra spare time you have at home to work on getting that body you've always dreamed of!? Have you always wanted to have a toned body but never felt as though you had the time or patience to make it happen? It is within everyone's reach and now is the perfect time to make it happen!

Simple exercises can tone your body in no time at all. You just need to have the motivation and persistance to keep going with it. Squats are simple to master and not only tone and firm your thighs, but can also promote and improve muscle growth and strength throughout the body. Similarly, performing plank exercises can help improve your posture by activating core muscles.

So start your toning journey at home now and you will substantially change your figure in just a few months. That's definitely not wasted time, is it!? Get ready to unleash your new body on the world...

Total Tone Beginner Classes

Complete Body Strength & Mobility Workout

Presenters: Rachel Holmes

30 Minute Full Body Toning Workout

Presenters: POPSUGAR Fitness

Core Workout with Suzina

Presenters: Suzina

Suzina's 6 minute plank workout

Presenters: Suzina Blackman

Total Tone Advanced Classes