Kaelé Scott

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach


Currently studying towards a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and UKSCA accreditation.

Joined PH in

March 2018

Primary roles

Performance coaching to athletes at Performance Hertfordshire, in particular, the Hertfordshire Talented Athlete Program (HTAP) with Basketball, Netball, Fencing, Squash, Kayak, Sprinting, Cycling athletes and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) with Rugby, Football, Judo and Lacrosse athletes, as well as Diving, Swim, Golf, UH Scholars and our own PH Strength Club.

Previous experience

Kaelé previously worked in biotechnology, toxicology and clinical pharmaceutical trials before deciding to combine her love of sport with her love of science and change careers by starting studying at the University of Hertfordshire. 

Best part of being an S&C coach

Getting to work with a wide variety of sports, especially the more unique ones! I also love how being an S&C coach means that you get to combine the theoretical with the practical and see the development of athletes. In particular, I am excited about seeing the further development of girls and women's sport and research.

Other interests

Roller skating, playing roller derby for London and England, travelling, cooking and watching the All Blacks win.