Guy Devall

Personal Trainer

Specialist Skills:

  • Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Coach
  • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training
  • Pilates Exercise Instructor
  • Class CPD Boxing, Spin, HIIT
  • Postural, Joint Mobilisation and Assessment

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer since 2017. Over my time I have developed a passion for exercise growing up as I was quite shy and didn’t have much confidence. I found exercise was a good way to build upon that and I still love it to this day. I explored many different avenues of fitness from body building, powerlifting, calisthenics and Pilates. This has helped me understand many different types of clients and different training styles needed for certain goals. For that reason I am always looking to learn more and take my skills even further.

My approach to personal training is all about making routines which can be enjoyable and effective. It’s important to me that they completely revolve around YOU and your goals. If you take me on we start with a FREE Consolation allowing me to figure out what you need and how we are going to get there. From there a goal specific exercise and nutrition plan is made for you. Then it’s my job to keep you motivated and guarantee your success.

What I Offer:

Personal Training (Includes Exercise and Nutrition Plan)

Online Training (Monthly Updates of Goal specific plan)


Mobile – 07588689099

Email –

Instagram @ThePTGuy